Quality Assurance

GIFFIN’s executive management supports and maintains a fully implemented ISO 9001 Quality Operating System. With customer satisfaction and continuous improvement as our primary goals, all of GIFFIN’s business processes (both internal and external) are included in our QOS and all employees are trained and audited in the their proper execution. By design, our quality system ensures that our work efforts and products strive to achieve the highest level of quality every time.

GIFFIN maintains a regular internal audit schedule and annual external surveillance audits to maintain our ISO certification. In addition, GIFFIN conducts a thorough job close-out review on completed projects to ensure that all aspects of our business processes contribute to our continuous improvement efforts. 

GIFFIN also maintains an ISO 14001 based Environmental Management System to ensure that we hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability as stewards of our shared environment. 

FCA 2019 Supplier of the Year