Project Engineering

Manpower Services

GIFFIN maintains a full engineering staff of project leaders, engineers, designers, and CAD operators that are experienced in the development and maintenance of a project from start to finish. In this role, GIFFIN offers several types of engineering services.

Engineering Services

General Arrangement & Detailed Drawings

GIFFIN works closely with each customer to refine process layouts and details to ensure that all design parameters and working conditions are met to the satisfaction of each customer.  Our mission is to make our clients successful, and providing them with the best overall value and efficiency for their system is paramount.

Mechanical Engineering

Our engineers have a can-do attitude and approach, along with a wealth of industry experience and dedication that our clients appreciate.  Each component of a system is meticulously engineered to smoothly integrate into the overall project for maximum effectiveness.

Electrical & Process Controls Engineering

Our talented process electrical and controls engineers build quality, reliability and durability into every aspect of our projects, while focusing on our clients’ design criteria.  Meeting the customer’s standards as well as adhering to the latest codes and requirements is essential in every successful project.

Application Design & Engineering

We provide world class solutions for our clients’ design and engineering needs.  Each process application is co-developed with our customers to meet the demands of production while providing safe and reliable operation.  The process steps are thoroughly developed guaranteeing the application suits the purpose.  The end result being quality parts produced in a world class facility!

Complete System Engineering

GIFFIN’s highly trained and motivated engineers and designers’ mission is to provide top notch service and expertise to every project undertaken.  Our customers take top priority in our servicing abilities and we strive to prove that every facet of engineering provided, whether mechanical, electrical or controls, meets the customers’ expectations and provides unparalleled excellence.

Commissioning & Training

Of greatest importance upon completion of a project is the successful commissioning and training of the end user’s system.  GIFFIN excels in both regards, as our world class technicians are adept at all facets of system performance and operation.  Coupled with hands on training and classroom support, our customers are assured that the system is fully functional and supported with trained personnel.

System Documentation & Manuals

With every successful system installed by GIFFIN, is a completely documented set of operating instructions and manuals that support the end user’s personnel for operating the system.  Whether using a GIFFIN standard, or customizing a package to suit customer requirements, the final O&M procedures will clearly assist the end user to navigate any operational issue.

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