From large scale automotive style production ovens, to small-parts type curing ovens, GIFFIN can provide any type of bake oven to meet your processing needs.

Oven design has advanced through the years, and GIFFIN has been at the forefront of that technology. GIFFIN provides a wide variety of selections to meet any process demand, from Infra-red curing, to typical heated convection air technology, to batch type ovens.

Our ovens are carefully designed to ensure uniform curing techniques that will work with a variety of cure windows. We can provide ramp rates from either a slow bake cycle, to rapid heat-ups, or constant bake temperatures that provide consistent heating throughout all layers of the part structures.

Our ovens and heaters conform to the latest codes and regulations, and consistently receive positive reviews from insurers and users alike. GIFFIN has pioneered new advancements in oven and heater design, including modular construction, innovative explosion relief, and safety systems that ensure safe and robust operation.

Our controls concepts integrate easy to navigate menu systems that allows operators to quickly make process changes and monitor performance along with trending data in order to review historical performance and archiving for future reference, which is especially important in the Aerospace industry.

GIFFIN’s ovens are extremely reliable and will provide many years of consistent, safe and economical service.

FCA 2019 Supplier of the Year