Pretreatment Systems

GIFFIN has a solution to process any size part whether carbon steel, aluminum, or coated steel. From skid mounted washer units, to large customized systems that include both phosphate and electrodeposition, every system is carefully designed to meet the rigorous demands of pre-treatment processes.

From the most complicated, to the most basic of systems, every aspect of design is taken into consideration. From the size and production volume, to the level of cleaning and rinsing, to the type of underlying process coating desired, each process step is engineered to conform to your specifications.

GIFFIN’s expertise in this area continues to expand, as we have produced systems for just about every major automotive producer, and hundreds of small parts suppliers. From all spray concepts, to all dip concepts, to a combination of both, we can provide a solution to fit your bill of process.

GIFFIN has experience in iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, thin film technologies, electrodeposition, autophoretic, and flow coating just to name a few of the many pre-treatment options. Additionally we can address all ancillary requirements, including heating and cooling requirements, filtration, process times and temperatures, exhaust rates, and chemical supply and process waste handling.

FCA 2019 Supplier of the Year