Sludge Systems

Many paint shops are plagued with the dilemma of how to capture paint overspray in the paint shop environment. The decision has to be weighed carefully between whether to operate spray booths with a wet collection system (scrubber) or a dry filtration system (filters). The cost advantages and disadvantages that exist between the two technologies are wide and diverse.

GIFFIN can offer both solutions and assist in the decision making process. Our experience in sludge systems for wet scrubbers has included design for sinking, floating or suspension systems. The technology is slightly different in each approach.

We have designed and constructed systems inside or outside, as required by sludge handling and water quality control.

Filtration is also key to proper water quality along with well-maintained water chemistry. GIFFIN has implemented a variety of sludge handling equipment including skimmers, Palin units, filter presses, consolidators and vacuum pressure beds. All systems must be married to the proper design approach to ensure an efficiently operating system.

GIFFIN can also assist in determining process handling based on available community resources to handle waste and disposal costs.

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