One of the best examples of GIFFIN quality and workmanship can be found in the many installations of Spraybooths throughout the industry. GIFFIN specializes in custom built wet and dry type spraybooths for every product environment.

Our wet systems feature the new ELITE™ paint scrubber that outperforms all venturi type scrubbers utilizing complex vortex technology. The concept is entirely different than other wet scrubbers and has been found to perform so well that it eliminates the need to provide de-watering baffles found on other wet systems.

Our glass wall construction affords operation with the highest visibility possible along with our unique ceiling design providing uniform downdrafts and directs paint overspray to the scrubber while keeping the rest of the booth clean. Temperature and Humidity control, along with velocity profiles are paramount in our engineered systems and is ensured by our start-up technicians.

FCA 2019 Supplier of the Year