Simple Filtration & Complex Membrane Technologies

Guidelines for types of separation technologies vary equivalently to the products requiring treatment. Whether it is for CO2 capture or for product purity considerations, the choices are paramount to good system design. GIFFIN engineers are extremely adept at selecting the right component to be integrated into the overall process system. Using the right tools to acquire immediate and full analysis, our engineers will select the right membrane technology suitable for the specific conditions in order to obtain the proper output.

For the Aerospace industry, filtration concepts are dependent on the medium to be filtered. Air and liquid being most prevalent, understanding the constituents of the stream to be handled are paramount to proper selection. Whether it is required to address microbial contamination of the process flow or treating contaminates in highly aggressive hydrophobic chemical solutions, selection of the proper equipment is essential.

GIFFIN engineers and designers are experienced and capable with all facets of system design and will help the end user with proper maintenance and operation to insure years of reliable service.

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