Process Anodizing & Plating Tank Lines

GIFFIN’s tank line fabrication know-how is crucial in complex chemistry processes that involve etching, plating or anodizing procedures among many others in the industry.

Choosing the right tank material and/or lining is extremely critical in the engineering and design phase, as otherwise the consequences could be severe.  Many chemicals used in the market today are aggressive enough that ordinary metals may not withstand chemical attack sufficiently enough without failure.  Leaks from chemical contained tanks onto facility floors can be very dangerous and can lead to human safety concerns and possibly facility shutdowns and expensive clean-ups.

For these reasons, GIFFIN designs with utmost care when choosing the right tank material.  Tanks can be constructed out of various metals, from normal steel to exotic stainless steel.  Liners as an option, can be installed in tanks and range from plastic or fiberglass, to lead lined.

Liners require special consideration for material as well as bonding requirements and flexibility.  Materials can include, PVC, reinforced Polypropylene, Hypalon or even Teflon.  Most liners are installed to create a boundary between the chemical and the base tank material, however many liners are also used as insulators in electroplating and anodizing tanks, and preventing build-up on interior tank surfaces.

Even older tanks can be outfitted with liners to help extend their life and usefulness.

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