Filtration Systems

Often many abatement systems require upstream process air treatment in order to remove particulate before it enters the actual abatement equipment. The main intent of abatement systems is destruction of volatile compounds or other chemicals harmful to the atmosphere. Other less benign materials are carried in the air stream that can pose potential harm to the abatement equipment and can be easily removed via some level of filtration. Filtration methods can be a variety of options that would include waterwash, coalescing type filters, dry filters or separators. 

GIFFIN engineers can help provide options and solutions to your filtration needs. We can work with your material engineers and determine the best options available to protect and extend the life of your abatement equipment and evaluate the cost to operate, cost to maintain and capital investments to meet your goals.

GIFFIN field technicians can also sample air streams in order to determine ‘how dirty’ your process air is and what level of filtration would best suit the need.

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