Performance Audits

GIFFIN’s service technicians are experts in abatement equipment audits and related systems.  Today’s challenges for the industry requires OEM’s to meet high unit up-time, compliance with emission standards, and reduced maintenance costs.

GIFFIN’s technicians are very versatile in their abilities to diagnose and quickly remedy small issues, and provide concise reports with recommendations for proper operation on large scale operations.

Our technicians are trained to look for potential in reductions to NOx emissions, reduction in start-up times, elimination of nuisance alarms, and improvement in heat-up times to quickly bring systems online and up to full operating capacity.

Our audits are designed to identify cost savings with an eye towards increased unit efficiency, coupled with a reduction of fuel costs, and operation and maintenance costs.  This provides maximum operational flexibility along with increased reliability.

Of greatest importance, our audits will identify any safety concerns and flag those issues that require modifications in order to ensure smooth operation.

FCA 2019 Supplier of the Year