Technical Services

GIFFIN Technical Services Group provides preventative maintenance inspections and necessary services – including repairs, retrofits, and spare parts – that help ensure your paint shop and environmental equipment are performing at optimum levels. We have trained technicians capable of servicing most brands of equipment in the market, and we offer compatible products such as heaters, oxidizers, booths, air supply houses, chillers, etc., to keep your plant running at peak performance while remaining compliant with governmental regulations. We have the knowledge and industry experience to optimize the daily operation of your process equipment.

Technical Services

Oven Balance

From small floor mounted batch ovens to large “A” type continuous bake process ovens, GIFFIN technicians can provide expertise in balancing, efficient operation and training to insure proper cure parameters are met for any product cycle.

Spraybooth Balance

GIFFIN offers complete booth balance services to maintain proper booth balance under any application. Testing often includes mapping profiles to determine ‘hotspots’ that affect Transfer Efficiency (TE), along with remediation work to bring booths to within compliance specifications.

RTO Performance Auditing

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) audits are performed on third party systems as well as those manufactured by GIFFIN. Complete performance checks are made from mechanical and electrical equipment, burner operation and air moving equipment to verification of destruction and thermal efficiencies. Other equipment audits include RCO’s, TO’s, WEP’s and Carbon abatement equipment.

Oven Temperature Profiling and Data-Paq Reports

Cure parameters are checked in both batch and continuous bake ovens typically with the assistance of temperature recording devices (i.e. Data-Paq). GIFFIN uses the latest technology to monitor oven performance via temperature recording equipment along with thermal scans to insure peak oven performance.

Contract Administration Services

Along with our projects, GIFFIN supplies complete contract administration services for every site where practical. Such services typically include, site project management, field engineers, site superintendents, safety managers and clerical. Whether the project is slated for a few weeks or a few years, GIFFIN staff will be placed on site to guarantee successful project completion.

Process Development and Layouts

An extension of our internal engineering resources, GIFFIN can bring these same resources to site. Affording these capabilities offers customers instant design modifications, especially on rushed or expedited programs that require extensive field checking or onsite design work.

Development of Bid Drawings and Specifications

GIFFIN’s proposal group can facilitate project development by performing site audits, regulation checks and specification writing either in-house or in conjunction with the customers own forces. Our aim is to offer as many services that are required to facilitate a start to finish approach to each project.

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