Process Control

GIFFIN provides a wide array of services that include process parameter controls. Processes installed often have requirements for critical control of some variable, or multiple variables, that when out of compliance can be extremely detrimental to the overall process health. Understanding the process requirements is crucial in determining the level of process control to implement. Newer digital technology gives the implementation and control of processes more flexibility in variables to be controlled.

Critical process parameters can include temperature, humidity, PH, flow of fluids, grounding, etc., to name a few. GIFFIN’s experience in selecting the right control architecture has been proven under many circumstances and is designed to be robust and reliable, offering the greatest degree of control.

Lessons learned have afforded GIFFIN technicians acute awareness of the demand of such control elements such that calibration, sensitivity, proper application and installation requirements are all part of routine inspections performed to guarantee proper operation.

FCA 2019 Supplier of the Year