Service, Repair, & Support

At GIFFIN, our goal is to put our resources to good use and help our clients understand, operate and maintain all varieties of abatement systems along with the associated ancillary systems. Starting with providing all levels of support from helping select the right abatement system to engineering the process to be seamlessly integrated into the owner’s facility, and training and service, and ending with a completely functional system intended to operate trouble-free for years to come.

GIFFIN can also offer annual inspection programs to help thwart pending issues and to keep the system in top running shape. Additionally, we service all systems installed by us as well by other suppliers, and due to this service we are able to repair any number of competitor systems.

Our service technicians can work with a variety of control systems and are outfitted with the latest testing equipment in order to test, evaluate and repair your abatement equipment. The finishing touch is the detailed work report, identifying work done, repairs made and operational validations.

FCA 2019 Supplier of the Year